Work from Home Jobs: 22 Great Ways to Make Money Working From Home

work from home jobs, earn money from home

Working from Home: 22 Great Ways to Make Money Working From Home.

work from home jobs, earn money from home

Work from Home Jobs: Many interesting jobs make it possible to work from home. The spectrum of home work ranges from simple part-time jobs to full-time work – whether in the form of self-employment or as an employee in a company. The Internet plays a role in most of the activities described in the following article.

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Work From Home jobs: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working From Home.

Many employees and self-employed people can imagine working from home. Because that means savings in travel time and travel costs as well as the individual division of working hours.

In addition, this form of work is beneficial if you have to be flexible due to family obligations or if the commute to work is difficult due to a health handicap. The developments in the online world in particular have created many opportunities for interesting activities in the home office . Whether full or part-time job, simple or demanding, there is something here for many interests and talents.

However, working from home poses special challenges for self-organization. Even those who need personal contact with colleagues will not be happy if they work full-time from home.

Occasionally there are also dubious offers in this area. Refrain if you are supposed to pay money for material or training, for example, or if an unrealistically high salary is promised. Let yourself be inspired in the following by 22 possibilities and examples for reputable providers in the field of home work .

The 22 best works from home for this year

The following table lists activities that are suitable for working from home. Many can be done both full-time and part-time. The table shows the typical amount of time in each case.

Investments are usually only made for self-employed activities. The table shows the minimum investments. A normal computer and an internet connection are required and are not included. However, certain professional groups need particularly powerful technology and software in order to be able to deliver the necessary quality.

1. Game tester

This type of home work is ideal for gamers, because you should have experience for it. It’s about testing new games for content and technical errors before they hit the market. Such jobs are relatively popular.

There are also offers for permanent positions, but these are mostly freelance extra income if you want to work from home. Please contact

for a job as a game tester directly to the software company, look up current job advertisements, for example at Joblift , Adzuna or on the corresponding placement portals such as . Note, however, that there is not always money for the tests.

Become a game tester and earn money

2. Usability tester

The usability test is a special form of product test that deals with digital content. For example , they test apps, software or websites on behalf of the manufacturer . You evaluate speed, user-friendliness and optics and look for logical and technical errors. They are based on given test plans and document the results.

Apart from interest and general experience in handling the products to be tested, you do not need any specialist knowledge. The ability to concentrate and work precisely are important. The job is good for students and for working from home. You can find offers for permanent positions or freelance work via job exchanges or search engines on the Internet. You will of course also find job offers on the relevant agency platforms. From our point of view, the following are particularly recommended:

  • Pinecone
  • rapidusertests

The remuneration is usually performance-related. That means there is a fixed amount per test.

3. Create digital products.

If you create e-books, audio or video courses , you can sell them to as many customers as you want without any additional effort.

These digital products often generate passive income even after years . This is not a classic home-based work, with which you immediately generate regular income, but a self-employed activity with a high initial expenditure of time.

Because the digital products have to offer your customers a benefit and meet their quality requirements.

Marketing is also very important for success , so that enough potential buyers become aware of your product.

For example, use social media marketing or the support of Digistore24, elopage or TradeTracker. You can sell e-books via the Amazon Kindle Store, among other things .

In this short video you will learn how the sale of digital products works on Digistore24:

4. Working from home as a programmer.

As a programmer, you can also work very well from home, although you must of course have the appropriate programming skills.

It is an advantage if you have mastered several programming languages ​​such as C ++, PHP and Java. Most programmers specialize in databases or app development, for example. Programmers work as employees or freelancers. In this way, students can gain practical experience.

The pay is very good. With larger jobs, you can earn several thousand euros. At you will find both programming positions and individual jobs. An additional income opportunity is the development of apps, plugins and themes that you sell yourself.

5. Graphic designer.

Working from home is no problem for both freelance and employed graphic designers. In the case of an employment relationship, however, it depends on whether the employer allows home work. In order to work as a graphic designer, you need special skills that convey an education or study. However, the job title is not protected.

The tasks of a graphic designer include the design of logos, packaging or graphics for websites and publications . In addition to creativity, empathy is an important prerequisite for this profession. Because the use of colors, shapes and fonts should always produce a certain effect.

You can find job offers with an employment contract on the usual job exchanges. For self-employed there is order exchanges such, 99designs or .

6. Web designer.

Web designers are self-employed or employed. Working from home is possible because only one computer workstation is required.

In most cases, communication with customers takes place online. In the case of an employee relationship, however, the employer can request presence in the office.

A web designer creates and maintains the websites of his customers. He must be familiar with both the technical and the creative sides of these tasks.

Web designers are often themselves clients for graphic designers and copywriters. The job demands many skills and offers good earning potential.

The self-employed normally acquire customers via their own website, as this is also an important business card for their own work, as well as via online marketing activities, advertisements on portals and recommendations.

7. Video producer

A video producer creates videos and films. Typical projects are image films, commercials or videos from private events. If you are filming yourself, you cannot work entirely from home. However, post-cutting, sound editing and adding effects take up a large part of the time.

If working from home is important to you, specialize in these activities. To do this, work as a freelancer with partners who concentrate on filming. There are also companies that are looking for specialists for this work.

8. Write, correct or proofread texts.

Whether for company publications, online shops, blogs or magazines , the need for content is great. Much of this is written by freelance copywriters and reviewed by proofreaders and editors.

A corrector pays attention to spelling, grammar and typographical errors. An editor also checks the content, structure and logic of the texts.

A linguistic and, in the case of specializations, technical training is an advantage. But lateral entrants with the right talent can also familiarize themselves.

Freelance work dominates in this area. But there are also employment relationships with publishers, advertising agencies or text service companies that allow you to work from home.

Freelancers find jobs via their own website or placement portals such as . An alternative are portals such as or, which take on a large part of the organizational effort such as customer acquisition and billing for a commission.

9. Translate

As a translator, you can work from home without any problems. In contrast to an interpreter , you only translate in writing.

The job title is not protected. Nevertheless, the work makes high demands. You not only need a good knowledge of the respective foreign language and the cultural peculiarities of the country, but also have to master the subtleties of the mother tongue.

Furthermore, specialist knowledge is required if the texts deal with special topics.

It makes sense to specialize during your studies or training. Because literary translations have different requirements than the translation of technical texts or websites.

The possible earnings depend on the language, your skills and the type of text. Many translators work freelance.

10. Online language courses.

There are many people who want to learn a new language or who want to improve their knowledge of their mother tongue. In addition to private tutors and private schools, digital providers are ideal for this.

So you can offer schoolchildren, students and immigrants English lessons via video chat to earn money online. This is made possible by the Preply platform. Here you can register in just a few steps and create a course offer. You can then find and book interested parties via Preply.

In addition, you can look through current job vacancies as an online teacher and submit an offer for them.

The requests come from different age groups and nationalities, which means that you can offer language courses not only for German, but also in English, Spanish and many other languages.

As an online language teacher on Preply, you will be paid digitally and you can then conveniently pay out your earnings by bank transfer .

If you regularly do this work as a freelancer, you need to register at least one small business . For an employment relationship, you conclude an employment contract. This work is not difficult, but it does require a high level of concentration.

You can find relevant vacancies on job boards and classifieds. In each case, check whether you can work from home.

11. Internet research.

Both companies and research institutions occasionally outsource research work. These are often simple tasks such as determining company data or prices for market research.

Some research work also requires knowledge of the relevant area, especially in the scientific field. These works are well suited for students.

A fixed price is paid for each researched information. You should therefore have sufficient internet experience.

These research tasks are often carried out by freelancers. Employment with an employment contract is possible in individual cases.

Corresponding job offers and orders can be found on the common job exchanges, including on Joblift or Adzuna.

Remote-virtual-assistant, work from home jobs

12. Virtual assistance.

This involves taking on secretarial work for which no presence is required. Companies like to use this option at peak times or to bridge vacation phases.

Even small companies without their own secretariat make use of this support.

The tasks include, among other things, taking calls, organizing appointments or answering e-mails.

Virtual assistants work from home as self-employed or are employed by a corresponding service company.

In this profession, it is also often possible for employees to work from home. Payment is made according to time or at a fixed price for tasks taken on.

This occupation is also suitable for a main occupation.

Examples of well-known job portals:

  • my-vpa
  • eAssistant
  • Beach layer
  • Do that

13. Customer support.

Customer care is often, but not always, based on an employment contract. Because it’s about communicating with a company’s customers by phone, email or chat.

This requires more extensive knowledge of the company’s products and services. You can find relevant positions on the job exchanges.

They answer questions, deal with customer concerns and receive complaints. Friendliness and customer orientation are therefore the most important requirements.

Customer care can also be provided by self-employed home workers as part of virtual assistance.

14. YouTube.

Your own YouTube channel is also suitable for working from home. In the long term, you can, in the best case, achieve a good passive income and build your own business. But that also means that there is a lot of effort before success.

You need to regularly produce interesting videos and use clever marketing to draw attention to your channel. This is the only way to reach enough subscribers to generate a decent income.

The income is generated by placing advertisements and through affiliate links in the video description. YouTubers with a very high reach can also receive product placement contracts. Running your own YouTube channel is always an independent job.

If you want to know how to create your own YouTube channel in no time at all, you should watch the following video:

15. Sell DIY products.

Do you like to be involved in craftsmanship and creativity? Then you can make money selling your homemade products.

Sewing and needlework, self-made jewelry and decorative items bring in additional income or even a main income. You work from home and can turn your hobby into a profession.

Suitable sales platforms include Handmade at Amazon, or . If you are very active, you can also set up your own shop, for example with Shopify.

Pay attention to the offers and prices of the competition and use social media channels to attract attention. The regular sale of DIY products is considered a trade and requires registration.

16. Sell stock photos.

As a hobby photographer, have you saved a lot of pictures and new ones are constantly being added? Use this treasure to make money.

Certainly some of your works are suitable for websites and publications. About exchanges such as Alamy or iStock can be photo-rights sale.

Of course, you cannot work from home all of the time, as you are taking photos away from home. But you are not tied to fixed working hours and do a large part of the work from home, editing the photos and assigning the keywords.

The best thing, however, is that the photos still generate passive income even after a long time without you having to do anything. And apart from a good camera and suitable image processing software , there are no initial investments.

17. Make money as a blogger.

You can also work from home and make money with your own blog. The income is generated through affiliate links. These are recommendations linked on your page for products or services that you get paid for.

For example, depending on the agreement, you earn on every click or purchase. Large online shops and other companies offer programs for this.

In order for affiliate marketing to be worthwhile, your blog must achieve a good search engine ranking.

On the one hand, it is important to publish interesting articles on a regular basis. On the other hand, you have to take care of search engine optimization ( SEO ).

You can make a lot of money with a good and extensive blog. The initial effort usually pays off in the long term.

18. Dropshipping.

Working from home is also possible with your own online shop , especially if you use the dropshipping concept.

This means that the wholesaler sends the goods directly to the customer. You don’t come into contact with it and don’t need a warehouse.

You don’t have to pre-finance anything either. Therefore, this variant is also a good start for founders.

Your task is initially to set up the online shop, for which you can use Shopify , for example . The hardest part is finding suitable wholesalers.

But once the shop is up and running, you take care of product range maintenance, advertising and customer relationships. You can work completely from home.

If you want to find out more about how you can set up your own online shop, we recommend Christoph Schweiger’s dropshipping video course . Here you will learn everything about dropshipping step by step.

19. Take surveys online.

There are some online portals that carry out surveys for the purpose of market research and pay for them with money, vouchers or bonuses. Some examples of this are:

  • Toluna
  • Place of opinion
  • Mysurvey DE
  • Pinecone
  • GFK scan projects
  • Nielsen Digital Voice

You have to register in order to participate. The number of surveys allowed per person in a certain period is limited.

For a significant income, you would have to register with many of these portals. Also, the very widespread payment with vouchers or bonuses does not offer the same flexibility as money.

But surveys are a good opportunity to earn a few euros on the side, while you can work from home or during the waiting times that arise in everyday life. Because a smartphone is sufficient for this.

20. Product Tester.

Another option for working from home that is suitable as a side income is to test products. You can do that via Pinecone, for example. In principle, however, paid tests are rather rare.

You can, for example, register at, where you will be selected for suitable tests. Most other portals, however, deal with the evaluation of purchased products , for which you receive vouchers or reward points.

Registration on can also be worthwhile . Here you can test products traded on Amazon. You need to apply for individual tests.

You send feedback to the manufacturer after the test. There is no money for it, but you get the product for free and you can keep it.

21. Assembly, production and packaging work.

Working from home is also possible without a computer. This is the classic form of home work , where you carry out simple manual activities. In advertisements, jobs for filling surprise bags or installing ballpoint pens are sometimes offered.

Do not accept such work if you are supposed to pay money for the material supplied. Because there are also black sheep in this area.

It can be more worthwhile to ask local companies about working from home. Due to the proximity, the delivery routes are not long and the employer provides you with the necessary work equipment. In addition, they usually receive an employment contract. Payment for such work is almost always piece wages.

22. Micro jobs.

When a larger project can be broken down into small tasks, it is called crowdsourcing. This creates micro jobs that you can do online via portals such as . These are small, simple tasks for which a fixed price is paid.

Typical tasks are Internet research, categorizing photos or creating small texts . Usually the earnings are low in relation to the effort. Therefore, micro jobs are not particularly suitable if you want to make a living from working from home. However, they are a good idea for an uncomplicated additional income with free time management.

Which employers still allow home work?

work from home jobs, Working from Home, Ways to Make Money

There are numerous other opportunities to work part-time, self-employed or as a full-time employee from home in a wide variety of industries. In online job boards , you can search specifically for opportunities that enable you to work from home.

To do this, enter “home work”, “home office” or “work from home” in the search bar. With the various offers, pay attention to whether it is an employment relationship or a freelance work and, above all, a serious offer.

This is what you can earn when you work from home.

As the above examples show, earnings can vary widely . The range extends from the occasional voucher for surveys to several thousand euros a month for the full-time programmer.

It doesn’t matter where you work, but what and with what effort. Certain forms of work such as creating stock photos or blogs with affiliate links also only generate income over time.

The following examples serve as a guide:

Answer surveys: 5 to 20 euros / survey
Usability tester: 10 to 30 euros / hour
Virtual assistance: 15 to 20 euros / hour
Assembly work: 9 to 15 euros / hour

You have to pay attention to the following when working from home: Tax office, taxes & Co.
If you have an employment contract for your home work, you do not have to worry about this topic very much.

As with all other employment relationships, your employer pays taxes and social security contributions. It doesn’t matter whether you work from home or directly in the company.

If you are self-employed , it must first be clarified whether it is a commercial or a freelance activity. In Section 18 of the Income Tax Act, the liberal professions are listed, including authors and translators.

As a founder, you report this self-employment directly to the tax office using the questionnaire for tax registration. You must also register all other activities with the trade office, provided that you do them regularly and with the intention of making a profit.

The self-employed are subject to additional obligations in terms of bookkeeping and filing income and sales tax returns. In the case of low income, there are certain reliefs. It is best to get individual advice and find out about special features under social security law.

If you are a full-time self-employed person, make sure that you work for different clients. Otherwise you will quickly fall into the category of bogus self-employment , which can have lasting consequences for you and your client.

If you work full-time in the public service, you must inform your employer in advance that you are taking on a part-time job – this is also recommended for all other employers, but depends on the agreements in your employment contract.

Conclusion: Many different options for working from home.

Earning a few euros part-time working from home is no problem thanks to the Internet. But a full-time existence in a demanding profession can also be built up in this way.

In principle, it is possible for many self-employed people as well as employees to work from home. In the case of an employment relationship, however, the employer determines the place of work.

Many interesting jobs make it possible to work from home. The Internet plays a role in the activities described in the following article.

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